TNN MAD LIBS: Become A Journalist, Create Your Very Own "MLS TO MY CITY" Idiotic Rumor Article

Editors Note: Here is a form that will allow you, the viewer, to create your very own city rumor that can be published in any of your local city newspapers. Just replace the items below with your own city/team information and voila! You are a SOCCER JOURNALIST!

YOUR CITY, YOUR STATE -  PRESIDENT/MAYOR of YOUR TOWN says HE/SHE's "very bullish" on YOUR CITY as a spot to possibly expand Major League Soccer, and TEAM OWNER operating manager of the TEAM IN YOUR GENERAL AREA, plans to meet with YOUR MAYOR/PRESIDENT next week to discuss HIS/HER leagues current situation and start talks on building a stadium specifically for soccer.

Currently, The YOUR TEAM has a five-year sub-lease from the YOUR GOVERNMENT to play home games at CITY FIELD THAT DOESN'T ALLOW BEER SALES, but TEAM OWNER says a lack of parking and concession revenues, along with limited sponsorship at the recreational fields, aren't ideal, FICTIONAL NEWS AGENCY reports.

TEAM OWNER also said it costs $5,000 per game to rent CITY FIELD, and with additional personnel costs that send the cost soaring above $20,000, it's "not a sustainable situation."

The league can end its five-year deal with no penalty if a new stadium is built, but that hinges specifically on convincing everyone in the city that using taxpayer money for something that is almost certainly not going to happen is a good idea.

The CURRENT LEAGUE ORGANIZATION has requested that its franchises build their own stadiums by 2020. TEAM OWNER envisions starting with a 9,000-seat facility, and with the MLS in mind, having the potential to expand it to 20,000 seats.


YOUR CITY is also in a race against other cities that might build stadiums for their own teams but will never get an MLS franchise until their ownership has a billion dollars and all the trendy cities are flourishing, including JUST PICK THREE CITIES OUT OF A HAT, THEY AREN'T GETTING AN MLS TEAM ANYWAY.

"If one of them gets an MLS team, I doubt that another one does," TEAM OWNER said.

As FICTIONAL NEWS AGENCY never previously reported, a study that was conducted earlier this year showed that a Major League Soccer franchise has the most potential — out of any other professional sports franchises — to survive in YOUR CITY.