With Only 8 Games Left, Blogger Comes Up With Increasingly Bizarre Ideas For Struggling Team

Denver, CO - Blogger Isaac Travian refuses to give up on the Colorado Rapids season despite the poor performance of the team over the past 26 games. 

"All we need is a shift to a 8 man forward system where we play two at the back as a security measure and we will make the playoffs" said Mr Travian.

"I know that over the season the Rapids managed to score less than a goal a game over the course of the 2015 season, and I know that this has been the case now for 26 straight games. I also know that there is almost no chance that any of this is going to change because if they didn't fix it in the first 26 games they likely aren't going to fix anything in the next 8 games. However, I think if the team ran an 8 forward system with the staggering along the back line and the two centerbacks playing as deep lying playmakers there to just intercept and lob the ball up top that we might be able to find a way to make the playoffs."

Mr Travian stated that he also wants to have the keeper join in as a different option for attack. "They are really under utilized just sitting back there doing nothing. So I want to see Irwin push forward and get into the midfield. He can offer the link between the defense and my 8 forward system."

While Mr Travian admitted that he doesn't believe the front office will implement his new style of play, he says that they should. 

"This is a new age, a new methodology. We can be the best team in MLS. So what if we have already played one specific way with specific results for the entirety of the season. There has to be a way that we can move forward and win with this roster. I mean our struggles couldn't be that we just don't have very good players, that's impossible. I know we have great players because they are all so approachable and nice off the field! We just gotta find a way to win! Maybe we could even involved a 9 forward formation. Think about it! They only ever have two centerbacks! Nine forwards would overrun the whole team!"