Learn Basic Skills With Matias Perez-Garcia And Tom Emanski's New Series "Soccer Diving Fundamentals"

San Jose, CA - Matias Perez-Garcia has announced a partnership with legendary Baseball fundamentals teacher Tom Emanski to create a video series that highlights the correct way to dive on the soccer field. 

Perez-Garcia stated, "We wanted to show Americans, Canadians and Mexicans the new and revolutionary techniques for diving in order to give them a strong edge in their games. I start out by showing my most recent technique against the Montreal Impact."

Here we see Perez-Garcia showing the correct way to non-initiate initiate contact. However, this is only the beginning of his lesson.

"We must ensure that you not only go over, but that you communicate the theatrical ability with your next move. The referee must know that you have been fouled as well."

What we see here is the addition of theatrics to make it look like you were gunned down by a sniper while having your foot amputated by a bear trap.

Perez-Garcia and Emanski say, in their press release, that too often they can see players who haven't been taught the correct way to dive and that there needs to be a standardization of basic skills that enhance the diving process.

"We all need to learn the correct way to go down like Ted Haggard" said Perez-Garcia, "It is important to learn that we aren't just talking about falling but acting and theatrics. That is where my new instructional videos will come in. You can start your subscription to the Matias Perez-Garcia and Tom Emanski Soccer Diving Fundamentals which include two new videos 'Dive Like An Amateur' and 'Dive Like A Professional' for only $19.95 a tape."