Peter Vermes Gets Something For Nothing Completing Peak MLS Trade

Kansas City, KS - The head coach and general manager of Sporting Kansas City, Peter Vermes, decided on Friday to trade absolutely nothing (in the form of a roster spot they weren't using anyway) to Colorado for fake, league issued money (that is untraceable to any outside agency) that Sporting Kansas City can use for a variety of reasons that will never be fully explained completing an utterly baffling trade that only makes sense to the illuminati-esuqe monks that take control of the MLS rule book on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Vermes explained, "We traded a bit of nothing for a bit of something even though we can't explain how much we received or what we plan on doing with it. We are just thankful that Colorado was so desperate for a 6 month paid loan of an international spot that they effectively gave us fake league money for an international right that is going to expire at the end of 2015."

While MLS rules are typically opaque, head clinician of the DOW institute and paid Rand company shill Jeffrey Fandazo said that this particular trade is even more opaque than usual and may lead to the doubt of our own selves.... in the long run.

"One man traded another man the right to own a player from another country for six months for money that doesn't exist that is tracked in a spreadsheet somewhere by a 35 year old intern who ultimately determines if this fake league money is enough to pay for the rights to another player. It is amazing in the madness of it all" said Fandazo in a long diatribe email correspondence with The Nutmeg News

TNN will have more on this as more insane trades of dubious value are made at Colorado's expense.