Freddy Adu Confident That A.C. Milan Isn't Even Close To Balotelli's "Last Chance"

Freddy Adu gave a phone call on Monday morning to Mario Balotelli expressing support after the owner of A.C. Milan said that the potential transfer of Balotelli to Milan would be his "Last Chance".

"Yeah, I just told Mario that it definitely wouldn't be his last chance" said Adu. "I mean there are opportunities everywhere in the world. China, Mongolia, Eastern Timor, Kenya, Sri Lanka, The United States, Brazil, Afghanistan, and Russia are all places where you can play. That doesn't even include Turkey, Canada, Switzerland, I mean there's no amount of small clubs in 2nd and 3rd divisions around the world that will give you a trial and a shot at cracking the starting 11 based on his resume alone."

The one time highly promoted player said that he gave Balotelli some advice on increasing his value even when playing, "You gotta play somewhere off the beaten path and always hint at coming to play in MLS or the NASL and then dismiss it outright. You can get at least one major offer this way and likely a number of different clubs will pay for you in the USL and NASL as well. I mean, if we think about the number of clubs in Qatar alone that would pay for Mario's service, it is staggering. I told him to make sure that you juggle your appearances in leagues that don't broadcast the games of the league you are about to transfer into. For Example: They don't broadcast the Serbian league in the United States and they don't broadcast Major League Soccer in Serbia either. It's a great way of increasing your mystique while ultimately spreading your prodigious abilities across the entire world."

Adu said that when Balotelli runs out of teams that want his service he can always tell everyone that he is considering his options, do a public relations puff piece interview with a faux-journalist about how he has learned from his mistakes and that he is better and more fit than ever now.

Adu stated, "Trust me when I say... there is always a way."