Major League Soccer Announce Emergency Additional TAM For NYCFC Defense

NEW YORK - Major League Soccer (MLS) executives today had an emergency phone call session during the first five minutes of NYCFC v Montreal to try to figure out a way to fix the NYCFC defense.


 "We got a call from City Financial Group and we are pleased to announce a new additional TAM measure to be used exclusively by NYCFC to pay down their designated players for new defensive designated players," said Don Garber. "It is important for us to keep our major investors happy and City Financial Group is not happy with this defense. It only makes sense to change the rules given that we already have repeatedly done this before for other teams."


While MLS was making these changes for NYCFC, the porous defense let another goal in from a beautiful chip by Piatti. This lead to another annoucement by the front office of the league. "As it turns out (after a scathing phone call 1 minute ago) we have just decided to give NYCFC the ability to sign any four players they want and we will just figure out how to excuse it later. " said Garber.


The Nutmeg News will have more on this defense as it gives up goals.