Orlando City Fan Shits Himself In Stadium To Prove His Dedication To Team

Orlando, FL - “Yes, I shat my pants during stoppage time." said Jeremiah Fillbrett of Kissimmee, Florida. "And you know what? I’d do it again. This is about supporting your team. This is about giving everything for the boys on the field, and you know what.... sometimes that thing you give is shitting yourself for the team. Support means never leaving the stands, even if you have to go."

Reports had been circulating through the Orlando City supporters network that during stoppage time of the home game against Red Bull New York the smell of feces permeated throughout The Wall fan section.  TNN can now exclusively report on the incident as the super-fan made contact and agreed to speak to The Nutmeg News about this display of fan behavior.

“I’d been drinking the previous night and started day drinking around 10:00 am. That’s not entirely different than what I usually do but as we got closer to the stadium I realized I was going to need some food. The only place I could find was a 7-11 so I ducked in and got three of their $1.99 Bacon-Wrapped Big Bite© Hot Dogs.” Jeremiah paused and lowered his head and covered his face with his hands, “I actually dumped on cheese from the nacho dispenser to the top of each one. Jesus, what was I thinking?”

“I knew by the half that I was in trouble and was going to have to find some time to drop the kids off at the pool but I couldn’t leave my team. They needed my voice, they needed everyone’s voice. Real fans fight through anything to root for their team. Anything. That includes rooting through what could only be described as giving birth to the Anti-Christ anally. There were four minutes of the game left and by that time it was too late.  I knew there was only one way forward and that way was not to the bathroom. So I shit myself for the team. I shit myself for the glory of Orlando City. Nothing says 'Ultra' like a man shitting himself for the team. Especially given that we were losing in that game. Good result or bad, tough schedule, bad weather, having to poop, none of that matters.... we will stand there supporting, dancing, singing no matter what. If God wants me to shit myself to prove my love for Orlando City, I'll do it. That's all that matters."

The Nutmeg News asked Mr Fillbrett if he planned on making this a regular occurrence in the stadium.

"Well, they didn't win. But I'll do anything for Orlando City. Anything."