Journalist Desperate To Get Hot Take Written and Published On USWNT Parade HubBub

Journalist Edward Granderson spent most of Thursday morning blitz-writing a piece on the US Women's National Team parade and the ramifications of what this parade means as it pertains to feminism, women's place in society, sports as it relates to the feminist perspective, the reality of life through an unfiltered lens and the overarching effect of the inclusion of parade floats in an attempt to be the first hot take on the subject before he would be expected to actually do an in depth piece with accuracy.

"I gotta get this shit out, and FAST!" said Granderson. "I've got an editor that is expecting people to be turning out the hot takes on this and I need to either be at the crest of the wave or I'll have to be the guy that 'comes at this with a fresh perspective' which is just absolutely exhausting."

Granderson said that while he loves writing, that the realistic function of his job is to find outrage and report on it in a fashion which will generate page views and clicks for his companies website.

"If you are trying to be the first hot take column out there, it isn't necessary to be accurate. You just have to be first. If you are the second column on the issue you need to be precise, if you are 10th you need to be ultra bombastic. IF you are the 100th, you just need to regurgitate the news item to a new audience. If you are the person who writes a piece in three weeks about this, you need to be in depth, long form and so elegant with your language as to make people call your piece thought provoking. It's a very delicate battle. I, personally, just want to go get some dinner from the grocery store, do some laundry and get home at a decent time which makes it all the more important that I get this piece out first."

Granderson reportedly kept messing up the spelling of heroine, exasperated, and whether there was an I or a Y in Sydney Leroux as he frantically flailed at his keyboard for 2 hours before finishing his piece.