That Announcer Is Going To Keep Saying "Offsides" Just To Piss You Off

That announcer you hate? Yeah, that guy. Well he isn't going to stop, no sir, until you are positively foaming at the mouth with hatred over his incorrect usage of the term "offsides". He knows that the correct word is offside, you know it is offside, your mother knows it is offside; but I'll tell you what.... he doesn't care. ".... and he pulls up offsides again" will continue blaring out of the television with rapid abuse.

The Nutmeg News was able to talk to him about this delicate situation and here is what he has to say when we interviewed him at that one spot that you saw him last year where he looked a bit pissed, "Yep, I'm going to continue to say offsides even though we all know that this isn't a word. I'm doing it to annoy you and all those precious viewers that like correct terminology and words used appropriately. Not only am I going to continue using it, but I'm going to find ways to work it in from a different viewpoint so that your second half is going to be one long diatribe from me on offsides, offsides, offsides. I might even talk about players 'being offsides on a throw-in' just to annoy you even though we both know this is impossible."

Despite all of this information in advance, The Nutmeg News knows that none of this will deter you from watching terrible youtube streams of US Open Cup games and NWSL and MLS games where the host continues to abuse the English language and the very basic spelling and existence of the words used to describe a very simple concept. After all, this announcer you hate? He lives his life offsides.