NYCFC Supporters Hang From Rafters In Protest

New York City – Inspired by the protests taking place in Portland, Oregon where demonstrators have hooked up rigging to hang in front of ships trying to leave port, NYCFC supporters have lowered themselves down from the scoreboard on the east end of Yankee stadium. We met with Stephen Wills, the organizer of the protest.

“We’re tired of not having our own stadium devoted entirely to soccer,” says Stephen, “that’s something that’s supposed to be one of the prerequisites to having an MLS team. We’re tired of sharing a stadium with a baseball team and we are going to remain here until our demands are met and we are given a place of our own, or we run out of vacation time. Whichever comes first.”

Their first chance to show their discontent with the current stadium came during a recent NYCFC game. “We were up here for the whole game yelling protest chants but we didn’t really think ahead as the supporter’s chants drowned our voices out. We also didn’t really think about our placement in the stadium because the game was able to continue on underneath us as we just looked on. But hey, we’re up here making a statement and it’s only a matter of time until the ownership pays attention.”

Steven was then asked about the state of their morale and how long they plan to continue this protest. “When we started there were three of us but we’re down to two because the Yankees played the other day and Mitch took a home run right to the nuts. He started coughing up blood and decided to call it quits. But Pete and I? We’re here until our demands are met or soccer and baseball seasons end and no one shows up anymore.”

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