Man Bases Soccer Allegiance On Kits Available At Ross Dress For Less

Bloomington, MN - Soccer fan Jeremiah Glasstone has had a foolproof way of finding his soccer allegiances over the last few years and he shared his secrets with us recently.

"I base all my allegiances upon the kits that I can find in the athletic section at the Ross Dress For Less in the Mall Of America."

Mr. Glasstone admits that he is a Cosmos, Manchester United, Chivas Guadalajara fan, although he was a Pumas fan for about a year and a half til he found a Chivas kit that was in a large.

"It's amazing what you can find at these stores, it's never local things but you can find kits that would cost you $100 in the stores for $20. It's amazing. Being a sports fan has never been a cheaper experience."

While Mr. Glasstone admits that his loyalty is pretty cheap, he says that he has amassed a variety of sports allegiances including being a fan of the English, Brazil, and Spanish national teams. 

"I also was able to find a Cosmos windbreaker, a Sporting Kansas City polo and a Chicago Fire scarf, but until I am able to find a kit in my size I won't start to switch my loyalty" said Mr. Glasstone.

Leaving things up to random, Mr Glasstone fully admits that his local soccer loyalty is up for grabs. 

"I keep on hearing about Minnesota United and their chance at going to Major League Soccer, but until they are big enough to have a massive amount of what will likely be an ugly kit dumped off at third hand retailers before they hit Goodwill, I won't be a fan. I'd love to support a local team, so hopefully they make it big enough to have their kits depreciate to the point where I can be a fan of theirs."