Nick Sakiewicz Pays Attention Enough To Fan Protests To Say He Didn't Pay Attention To Fan Potests

Philadelphia, PA - Nick Sakiewicz admitted that he payed attention to the Union protests so that he could later say that he didn't pay attention to the organized protests.

Sakiewicz commented on this in an exclusive interview with The Nutmeg News, "Look, I knew the fan protests were going on which, of course, made me want to say that I didn't know they were going on later. You would have to be stupid to not know that protests were going on, of course that means that I probably didn't know they were going on. Or Did I?"

While the Union are struggling this season, because of Major League Soccer parity they are only two points out of making the playoffs, the exact low bar that Sakiewicz has set for success.

"The fan protests that I didn't notice definitely didn't take into account our massive success at not being a complete dumpster fire, but merely just a moderate dumpster fire. That itself is an achievement and one of the goals that we wrote on a small whiteboard in my office earlier this season. 2015 Success Tree - #1 Moderate Dumpster Fire #2 Sign Many Goalkeepers #3 Tell Fans To Piss Off."

Asked about the empty seats at the recent Union game Sakiewicz said, "I noticed them but I also didn't notice them. They existed but they also didn't. It's a two fold thing because our fans are stupid and they should support the team, but they already gave me their money so if they don't want to come out to the game they can piss off and stay home. I'd rather enjoy my financial assets by myself in a dark empty room anyway while I drink bourbon and figure out a way to insult our fan base in a completely different way. It's called diversification, people."