Casual Soccer Fan Afraid That He Can't Go Back To The NFL Anymore

Cleveland, OH - Casual soccer fan and Cleveland Browns fan Jefferson Stephenson said that he was afraid that watching all the games from this past week had spoiled him so much that he is afraid that he might not be able to go back to the National Football League.

"Well, I'm a Browns fan so it was never that much fun to begin with, but after watching all the rivalry games from this weekend and a few NPSL and USL games I worry that I might be getting too obsessed with the game of soccer."

Mr Stephenson said that while he originally started watching soccer because it was on the television and he hates golf, he now managed to watch all the Major League Soccer rivalry games, a Detroit City FC game, and a Charleston Battery game along with the Women's World Cup games during the week.

"It wasn't even like I started out trying to like soccer, but it is just so damn available. I kept finding another person who would tell me, 'oh you should watch NYCFC v RBNY.' or 'you really should watch San Jose v Los Angeles Galaxy' or 'you should watch Portland v Seattle'. I mean, there's just so many games, and they are happening all the time. At one time, my wife came home to find me watching one game on my laptop and another on my television."

Despite it all, Stephenson said he would give the Browns another go, "I mean I'm trapped in a marriage with them, but I'm really worried that the quick pace of soccer games is going to spoil me for the 5 hr marathon's of mediocrity that the Browns ownership parades on us before we all just slip into a coma of nacho cheese and light beer and give up on the season after 4 games."