NYCFC To Start Lampard, Pirlo And Iron Sheik In Team For NY Derby

NEW YORK - In a classic Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment move, sources have reported to The Nutmeg News that New York City FC will unveil Frank Lampard, Andrea Pirlo and the Iron Sheik in their starting lineup five minutes before the game kicks off in a fireworks and thumping theme song enhanced introduction.

"This is going to be just like when the NWO turned Hogan," said our source for NYCFC. "We psych them out with a normal lineup online but the referees have the official starting 11 and right before the game kicks off the Iron Sheik's music starts. He runs down to join the game, smashes a chair over the head of Bradley Wright Phillips and then "OH MY GOD.... Is that Frank Lampard's Music?" happens as he walks out to Journey's 'Don't Stop Believing'. It is going to be epic."

NYCFC have reportedly installed 32 flame cannons, confetti machines and a large video board over the entrance tunnel to enhance the entrances. 

"This is a classic heel turn for Pirlo and we expect that he will honor the opportunity by blinding the opposition with his classical good looks, suave sophistication and use of the DDT from the top rope on Dax McCarty. Meanwhile, if the Sheik hasn't been sent off for the chair usage, he is going to tag out for Mix Diskerud who is going to wear a luchalibre mask the entire game."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this event has it happens.