Bigot Phil Anschutz Desperately Trying To Figure Out If He Can Use Same Sex Ruling Popularity In Soccer To Make Money

LOS ANGELES - In light of the Supreme Court ruling this morning on marriage in the United States, renowned bigot Phil Anschutz is reportedly desperately trying to figure out if he can use tolerance in soccer to make some money.

As The Nutmeg News has documented in our look at Phil Anschutz, the owner of the Los Angeles Galaxy and co-owner of the Houston Dynamo and man whom the MLS Championship trophy is named after, is a massive bigot who repeatedly used his own money to defeat and combat GLTBQ rights around the United States. Anschutz is now reportedly viewing this Supreme Court ruling as an opportunity to make some money as he realizes that he could capitalize on the popularity of this issue among the soccer fans that his teams court.

TNN spoke to Anschutz about this issue, "Well, I still think that the homosexuals are deviants, which is why I contributed all that money over 30 years to different efforts to defeat any measures of equality in the United States. However, I now realize that there is some money to be made off these heathens. So I'm mandating that the Dynamo and LA Galaxy start selling all sorts of things in rainbow colors. I'm also going to change the PA system at LA games to play only modern dance music as my advisers this is what they like. It's important to me that if I'm going to perpetually be on the wrong side of history that I figure out how to capitalize on the situation as much as possible."

Anschutz has also reportedly signed a multi-million dollar contract with Chic-Fil-A to serve sandwiches at all LA Galaxy games with a specialty sandwich being named after Robbie Rogers.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this travesty as it happens.