Houston Fan Goes Back On Promise To Be "Happy With Any Points At All" After Two Draws And a Loss

Houston, TX - Dynamo fan Laura Jurvisc recently updated her Facebook status on April 12th to state, "I'd be happy with any points at all". Jurvisc said this after looking at an away game to DC United and two tough games against FC Dallas and Sporting Kansas City. However, after two draws and a demoralizing loss against FC Dallas, Jurvisc went back on her promise and wasn't happy at all.

"I know what I said before, but this is just bullshit. Maybe it is the state of the fan to be unhappy all the time, but things were going well until that loss against Dallas. Now that 4-1 loss just takes all the shine off the two points that we had against DC United and Sporting Kansas City."

According to Facebook, Jurvisc was "Feelin Good!" the morning of the game against Dallas which later changed in the afternoon to "Hanging with the girls at the game!" and then later to "Ugh!" 

"I don't care what I said before, I'm not happy with just those two draws. Losing against Dallas sucks. You should never lose against your rivals, especially 4-1 at home. My Facebook promise be damned, I'm not happy and I don't care who knows that."

Ms. Jurvisc reportedly took to twitter later to blast the Dynamo for their inability to win against Dallas at home and battled her way through numerous comments before settling into a marathon of "Nashville" and half a six pack of Corona that she found in the back of the refrigerator.

"I know I've said it before, but I'd just be happy with a draw against San Jose and not losing terribly against Toronto  and three points against Portland. I don't think asking for 4 points from three games is asking too much. I'll be completely fine with that. Maybe even just two draws. I mean, just give me something. Is that too much to ask?"

Ms. Jurvisc later changed her Facebook status to "feeling positive, I'd be happy with a win in our next three games"