MLS Begrudgingly Wishes Montreal Luck In CONCACAF Champions League

Montreal, QC - Major League Soccer (MLS) begrudgingly wished Montreal luck in the CONCACAF Champions League, despite wanting an MLS team in the semi-finals they could market better than the Quebec team.

The Nutmeg News spoke with MLS Public Relations director Thomas Lubicj,"Well, we wish them luck but that doesn't mean that we wouldn't rather have another team in that position. I mean, really, who in the United States is rooting for Montreal. Anyone? We could totally pump up the 'Best In MLS' angle if the LA Galaxy made the semi-finals. Or we could pump up the crowd dynamic if the Sounders made the semi-finals. However, we barely care about Canadian teams in our league to begin with, much less ones that come from an area with a semi-active secessionist movement." 

Major League Soccer has long been seemingly forgetful if not annoyed with their Canadian teams, and this appears to be no different as the league is taking a wait and see approach to giving a crap about Montreal in the semi-finals. 

A league chance blown, a marketing chance screwed up

A league chance blown, a marketing chance screwed up

"Oh sure, we will send out a few tweets and push a video, but that doesn't stop us from wishing that Seattle was in the final. Montreal... They don't even speak English there." said Lubicj. "At some point, we will get our wish for a true American team to be in the semi-finals again, and hopefully it won't be Real Salt Lake... cause they burned that #MLS4RSL goodwill, and schedule reconfiguration to the ground when they lost. I mean, just THINK of the international marketing we could do with NYCFC in the CCL semi-finals. A league can dream.... A league can dream. But hey, congratulations Montreal and BonBon Chance and all that"