TNN Catalogs Soccer April Fools: Orlando City

Orlando, FL -  In requirement with Major League Soccer's seeming mandate of running April Fools jokes, Orlando City Soccer Club attempted to play a practical joke on their fans, today.

OCSC made up a fake announcement that they installed purple turf at the Citrus Bowl before their next game, utilizing an article and a photoshopped picture of faux-purple turf to drive the emphasis of their joke home.

It's Purple

It's Purple

The club stated on their website, "TurfRite was able to perform the feat by modifying the DNA strands in regular bermuda grass with purple enzymes found in Lavender and Eggplant. "

The Nutmeg News will have more on the actual, factual  attempts of MLS, USL, NASL and all of North American soccer's day of pranking