Cristiano Ronaldo To Play For Money

NEW YORK - Cristiano Ronaldo went on record, on Tuesday, as saying that at some day he may take a large pay day to preen around the fields in Miami and play for a team that doesn't even exist.

At his announcement house in Manhattan, atop a recently renovated children's orphanage, Ronaldo made an announcement that at some point in the future he would likely consider playing at certain locations in the United States.

"There's a lot of money in the United States and I would like some. I've already taken a lot of money in Spain and England. However, there appears to be a lot more money in the United States." said Ronaldo.

Despite a degenerative knee condition called tendonosis and frequent hip issues, the Portuguese start said that he is only 30 right now. In about 6 years when David Beckham finally has some kind of team and community goodwill he can come over and cash a few hundred million and play to the admiring crowds. 

"When you are the king, it is good to cash in. Just ask Pele!" said Ronaldo. "I've wanted to play for Miami ever since I heard about them two minutes ago. The money sounds good, the money sounds good, and the money sounds good. Also, the beaches are great for my tan and I'll have a stipulation in my contract that says I never have to play on the road. I'm all on board for the Miami Fighting Golden Balls SC sponsored by MAACO."

TNN reached out to David Beckham with no response.