San Jose Fans Leave While Game Is Being Played

Sacramento, CA - San Jose fans known as the 1906 Ultras decided to leave the stands during a friendly with Sacramento Republic FC after two minutes in the game had elapsed.

Despite travelling over 238 miles round trip from San Jose to Sacramento, the San Jose fan group left after supposedly being told to stop swearing or be taken to jail. The 1906 Ultras official statement released by twitter was “We don't put up with nobody's shit!” highlighting the existing problems between supporters groups and management that bring to light the cultural detente that smolders between the wealth holding elite and the vocal blue collar proletariat.

After showing a tifo display in 2014 with the statement “If you played in heaven we would die to support you” the 1906 Ultras clearly decided that while heaven would be fun, behaving in a decent fashion in Sacramento just to watch their own team play was too difficult a task.

When asked about leaving while their club was still playing on the field the 1906 Ultras had the following to say, “What happens with us and our problems is way more important than what happens on the field with the team we support. I mean who cares about the Earthquakes when the 1906 Ultras were having difficulties in the stands”