Bloggers Confident That 2015 Is Their Teams Season

Denver, CO - Colorado Rapids blogger Rick Samuelson is feeling confident about the upcoming 2015 season after the Rapids 2-0 win over professional soccer powerhouse the University of Nevada Las Vegas. 

Mr Samuelson said, "I was kinda down on the Rapids after last seasons frustrating end but the 2-0 win over UNLV has me rolling on a high that cannot be explained. I wrote over two thousand words on the positioning of our hybrid wingback centerback experiment and I'm firmly convinced that the Rapids will have the mettle to win MLS Cup after this win. While I didn't actually watch the match online, I wasn't there in person, and the teams featured tons of players that will never actually play a minute in Major League Soccer, I found that I was able to extrapolate the real meaning of the season from the idea of a 2-0 win over UNLV."

As a counterpoint, TNN spoke with blogger David Kipperson from Victoria BC about the Whitecaps pre-season, "I don't know what Rick is on about but he clearly didn't see all the signs from the Whitecaps dominant performance over the University of Victoria where they won 6-0. 6-0 is clearly 4 goals higher than 2-0 and so I can clearly extrapolate that into the fact that the Whitecaps are going to win MLS Cup and crush all the opposition teams in Major League Soccer. We have already decorated a themed victory float with the help of the Rain City Brigade's denim jackets."

The positive feelings about the season didn't stop in Vancouver as TNN traveled to New England where the  Revolution fan base is still agape after a strong MLS Cup run from 2014. "This... THIS is our year" said Revolution blogger Carla Jacobs. We were close last season and we already beat Real Salt Lake 2-1 in the pre-season which by transitive properties means that we would be very VERY competitive in the western conference and we all are planning on celebrating the 2015 MLS Cup Championship in a Patriots and Red Sox themed sports bar in Boston."

The positive feelings carried on down the road in Orlando where local blogger Simon Darbin has his hands full, "Kaka? KAKA BRO! We are going to own the league this year. Did you see that nutmeg? Nutgmegs ALL DAMN DAY. Totally going to win it all. Everything. CONCACAF. UEFA. Everything."

TNN also spoke to Ramiro Polance in Dallas about his teams chances in 2015, "I totally think this is the year. We have the talent, the coach, the team and our drum line is very very solid. I mean everyone knows that we are so good that they are talking us down this season."

And finally, TNN also spoke to Steve Linamen, a local Queens blogger for Red Bull New York, "No Henry, No Alexander, No Petke, we are so fucking screwed."