Alex Morgan Tweet Sparks Sales Frenzy

LOS ANGELES - Moments after a tweet from United States international player Alex Morgan, the company of Massengill reported a sales frenzy on their feminine health line of products.

"When Alex Morgan tweets, the world listens; and today the world was clearly ready for a line of Alex Morgan branded douches" said Massengill representative Lauri French. "We approached Alex a few months ago with the idea of a douche that could represent both the rigors of the soccer world and the glamorous lifestyle that Alex lives. We think of our douche an approachable douche and we want it to be both practical and glamorous. We brought the idea of changing the applicator to a soccer ball so that when the product was expended it would look like the ball was being deflated. Then it was all just a matter of having Alex tweet out her stamp of approval and it started a sales frenzy!"

According to sales statistics, Morgan's tweet has sent out a shock wave in the world of feminine hygiene as the purchases of the Alex Morgan Douche product are not confined to just women. Men seem to be an infrequent purchaser of the product as well. Sales reports show that even though the overall percentage of men purchasing products from the Alex Morgan Douche line were low that there are still millions of men out there that want to purchase Alex Morgan Douche. 

"It's a sales first. With Alex's help we have conquered a market long thought to be unreachable for feminine hygiene. However, our market still remains the unflinching and ravenous group of fan-girls and women that devour each one of Morgan's moves with nearly terminal intensity. We feel that with Alex's help we can really help bring the douche back to the forefront." 

Massengill has also announced the sale of "Alex Morgan Douche" branded t-shirts and scarves, available very soon online.