Major League Soccer Announces Additional Stoppage Time For Columbus V Red Bull New York

NEW YORK - Major League Soccer (MLS) has announced additional stoppage time for the Columbus Crew v Red Bull New York game with the announcement that the game will be resumed on Thursday, December 3rd 2015. 

The next addition of time will just be an infinity symbol. 

The next addition of time will just be an infinity symbol. 

The press office of MLS announced that the amount of stoppage time in the renewed game will be equal to the amount of time it takes for New York to score enough goals to progress in the game to MLS Cup so that they can get a big market team into the final.

"As god is our witness, this game isn't over til New York makes it." stated an angry Don Garber to shocked witnesses at the Hooters on 155 W 33rd Street for the Major League Soccer Latino of the Hour banquet. "We WILL have a big market in this final or we won't have a final. I can guarantee you that this current result will not stand."

Reportedly players have been told to prepare themselves for the extra-extra time by fueling up on orange wedges and Sunny-D. "You fellas better be ready, because you are all going to play until New York wins." said president of Major League Soccer Mark Abbot.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Major League Soccer determines whether it is actually worth rewarding the Hunt's ownership of FC Dallas enough to replay the Timbers versus Dallas game.