Desperate Rush To Use "Chicago Dumpster Fire" Overwhelms Internet

INTERNET - Bloggers, reporters and hot-take enthusiasts quickly rushed to their keyboards to attempt to be the first ones to utilize the words "Chicago Dumpster Fire" before the play on words was completely fucked out.

One man's dumpster fire is another man's open top conex fire.

One man's dumpster fire is another man's open top conex fire.

"I just had to do it" said Melissa Sugarman of Dayton, Ohio. "It was sitting right there for my twitter account," she said as she typed into twitter "Chicago Fire, more like Chicago Dumpster Fire." Reportedly Ms Sugarman thought about also using "Chicago Fire, not so hot." and "Chicago Fire? Going Up In Flames".

"I just went with the standard. I'm a busy woman and I only have a few minutes in my day to be on twitter. This was a gut decision." said Ms Sugarman as she got on to her fourth conference call of the day that Jenny her executive assistant put together because she forgot about the time constraints of the Deloit deal. C'mon Jenny, get your scheduling of her day together. She has things to do and she needs to go meet friends at The Century Bar for some bourbon around 8:00 pm. GET IT TOGETHER.

Fans of the Chicago Fire were not immune to using word play to describe their desperation but most of this revolved around the fact that no one has been paying attention except them for the last 2 years. 

"C'mon people, We have been beating this drum savagely all year." said Jerrod Dombravsky of Chicago. "We've been on this dumpster fire word play and extinguished and nearly every other turn of phrase since Hauptman spread his wings over our organization and tried to take a dump."

The Nutmeg News will have more on the Chicago Fire in about 10 minutes.