Man Uses USA v Mexico Game To Identify Racist Friends

Pasadena, CA – With the big CONCACAF Confederations Cup ‘winner take all’ playoff game between the United States and Mexico coming up in a few days, the city of Pasadena is getting ready to host over 90,000 soccer fans in Rose Bowl Stadium. Some soccer fans, and non-soccer fans, are striving to capitalize on the hype as the run up to the game builds in intensity. Charles Grant, a Pasadena resident, has chosen to use it as a way to filter out all of his racist friends from Twitter and Facebook. 

A cultural exchange highlighting the nuances of social bro-order and inter-cultural passion.

A cultural exchange highlighting the nuances of social bro-order and inter-cultural passion.

"Soccer? I don’t really have a personal leaning or inclination one way or another about the sport." Grant says, "What I do care about is race relations and the global acceptance of all nationalities and the elimination of xenophobia that is inherent in our cultural history and subconscious. It is to this end that I am following the social media trends surrounding the game as way to monitor racist, xenophobic, and homophobic comments so that I can remove those people from my timelines after leaving a strongly worded rebuke to them."

There have been numerous reports of racist comments coming from US Men’s National team fans regarding the Mexico National Team, especially from the USMNT supporters group The American Outlaws."

"My hope is that I can actually uncover one of my friends as being in the American Outlaws so that I can take screenshots of his or her comments and then submit them to the FBI as being a hate group. We need to identify all these people with their racist ideas and target them for social rehabilitation via Tweet blocking or else perhaps cultural reeducation camps. We cannot, as true Americans, allow this kind of hate to fester."

In order to draw out the racists, Grant has devised a plan to bait them into replying to a post that he intends to post at 9am and 3pm every day.

"I'm going to use the following post as bait 'This last week Jurgen Klinsmann announced that he had picked his players for the match and says he did so with an emphasis on players who ‘understand exactly now what this is all about.’ After I lead with that, then I just wait for people to say something akin to: ‘yeah, we know exactly what it’s about, am I right guys? Dos A Cero, go back to Mexico.’  At that point, I’ll have them."

The winner of the match will be playing in Russia in 2017 as a prelude to the 2018 FIFA World Cup. This match will determine which team will be able to attend and is expected to get very aggressive both on and off the pitch.

Grant continues: "The minute I see anything even remotely racist I’m going to take action. I don’t care if it’s a Mexican-American slur or even an outdated reference to Yo Quiero Taco Bell, I will immediately pounce on this imbecile and ensure that everyone around knows exactly what kind of hate filled and intolerant person they are."

Grant currently has five followers on Twitter, three of which appear to be adult services related. The Nutmeg News will continue to report on this unless we hear of the American Outlaws doing something stupid again, in which case we will pounce on that story and milk it for all that it’s worth.