Abby Wambach Announces Retirement Until 2019 And Then We Will See What Happens

WASHINGTON - Following a tour of the White House with some other women that were likely scared of being in the same room with her, Abby Wambach announced her retirement until the Women's World Cup in 2019. 

Every great footballer has some ego problems, see Solo, Hope.

Every great footballer has some ego problems, see Solo, Hope.

"I feel like it is high time for me to take a hiatus until 2019 and then we will see what happens. I've put in a good word for Jill with Sunil and likely we will be all gangbusters at the next World Cup. Hopefully our dependence on humping the ball up the field won't have changed and I can trot out there for a good minute or two. or 90."

Wambach, the leader in international goals scored, reportedly wanted to take time out of her busy schedule of answering questions about the NWSL to focus on herself for four years before attempting to win another Women's World Cup title.

"Sometimes it is important to look out for the crest and yourself, and sometimes it is important to look out just for yourself. I figure if I take this time off I'll have a better chance of figuring out how scared the women of the World Cup will be of me in 4 years. It'll be like Rocky 5, or 4, or whichever one he was facing the most adversity. Anyway, training montage and you can forward my mail to Salt & Straw in Portland, thanks. WORLD CHAMPION OUT!"

The Nutmeg News will have more from Wambach when she un-retires and then retires again.