Decision Day Looms As Fans Will Decide Whether They Watch Another MLS Game

With Major League Soccer branding their idea of drama called "Decision Day", fans across the league admit that the upcoming weekend will be their day to decide if that is the last Major League Soccer game they watch this season.

I am NOT watching an empty stadium in Dallas.

I am NOT watching an empty stadium in Dallas.

"I don't want to watch the playoffs, and I'm not going to watch any team other than Seattle... so if they don't make the playoffs.... I'm out." said Jennifer Goodison of Enumclaw, WA.

"I'm only here to watch my team" said Gareth Youngsblood of Worcester, MA "If the Revolution don't make the MLS Playoffs, then why would I want to watch a bunch of other teams hopelessly punting the ball down the field. I've got better things to do, like LARPing with Travelers of Ki'Mara."

With many MLS fans not a fan of the league or the other teams within, Decision Day is turning into Major League Soccer's announcement of the end of their ratings period and the beginning of the "Oh I forgot that the playoffs were on" period which culminates in MLS Cup which is being held on some date in the distant future, probably in 2016.

"Whats the point" said Kansas City fan Hugh Emery. "If we don't make the playoffs I'm not tuning in to watch a failing Vancouver side screw around with the ball until they get a counter attack goal scored against them. I hope that SKC makes it for MLS sake, because I have holiday parties to attend."

The Nutmeg News will have more on DECISION DAY as the DAY OF DECISION descends upon us all.