Bandwagon Fans Unsure Where To Turn Now That Club Tijuana Suck

Tijuana, MX - Bandwagon fans of Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente (AKA: Xolos) are quickly abandoning ship as the team plummets towards the bottom of the Liga MX table.



"I picked them because they were in a league with promotion and relegation and now they might be relegated" said David Waterman of Boerne, Texas. "How on earth am I going to support this team in the second league or segundo or whatever the hell Mexico calls their Championship level league"

Reports indicate that many like minded Americans picked Tijuana during their barnstorming win to the Liga MX Aperatura title in 2012 and their Copa Libertadores play. 

"We didn't know this was coming" said Jonas Redding of Baltimore, MD "I've had to stay up late to watch Xolos games for the last two or three years and now I'm looking for another team to support. I didn't leave Dortmund for this! Goddammit, I'm not going back to Ben Olsen and DC United again."

"After they sold Herc, I was off that bandwagon anyway" said William Smith of Traverse City, MI. "I only support the clubs the USMNT players play upon, and with Joe Corona loaned out and Herc gone, I abandoned that team like a loose paper tissue. I'm not here to support the three guys left on the team that are scrubs likely not good enough to get a call up to the senior team. Unless they do, in which case I'm going to have some opinions on Esteban Rodriguez. Given that all I have left is Michael Orozco, I'm going to start following Sunderland now."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this situation when Tijuana start playing well again and everyone jumps back on the bandwagon.