Soccer Fan With Collection Of Supporters Group Stickers Still Waiting For Perfect Place To Use Them

LOS ANGELES - Galaxy fan and Angel City Brigade member Javier Gutierrez admitted that despite his extensive collection of supporters group stickers that he is still waiting for the perfect place to use them as his collection grows with each passing week.


“I’ve been getting stickers for five or six years,” stated Gutierrez to The Nutmeg News. “I haven’t found the right place to use them, yet. Every spot looks great, but then… if I think about it… I’m not sure I want to use a sticker there.”

Gutierrez indicated that he thought about using some on his car, but he wanted to avoid getting it vandalized by opposition fans. He then indicated he thought about putting them on his computer, but no one would ever see that and it does get dirty there on the floor.

“I thought about putting some on my girlfriends car, but she doesn’t really care about ACB. I thought I’d use them when I traveled for a game, but I just can’t afford to go anywhere right now. I thought about putting some on my thermos, but I don’t know…. I just didn’t want to cover it up.”

Gutierrez stated that since he hasn’t used any of the stickers he’s received recently that his collection has started to pile up.

“Yeah, I got a whole drawer full, now. It’s crazy. Nearly every time someone is handing one to me or I’m buying one, or I just come home with some stickers. One of these days I’m going to find something that deserves to be tagged with all these stickers. My big problem is some of the stickers I thought were slick a few years ago are now something I wouldn’t put anywhere so I have these stickers that I used to like that I don’t like, but that I don’t want to use because I can’t get them again.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Gutierrez places one sticker on a notebook he has and feels immediately regretful about using that one there.