E-MLS Player E-Announces E-MLS E-DP Signing Of E-Lionel Messi For E-MLS Cup

Boston, MA - E-MLS player Jonas @BlastSquad Ramirez E-Announced E-MLS E-DP signing of E-Lionel Messi for E-MLS Cup this weekend during the upcoming tournament.

“I E-Picked up E-Lionel Messi to fill out my E-Squad,” stated Ramirez to The Nutmeg News. “I felt that E-He would really allow me to E-Attack the E-Defenses of the opposing E-Teams in a very specific E-Way.”

E-MLS Cup allows professional FIFA players the chance to participate in an E-Tournament with mixed teams that can include E-International E-Players that traditionally wouldn’t be seen in a normal MLS Game.

“If you have the E-Chance to pick up E-Lionel Messi, you better E-Do it, I always say,” stated Ramirez.

Commissioner of E-Major League Soccer, E-Don Garber, stated, “We see the E-Signing of E-Lionel Messi as a major step forward for our E-League. This E-Signing really shows that E-MLS Cup is an E-League on the E-Rise.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as E-MLS Cup outdraws MLS Cup in total viewers.