MLS Re-Releases Extratime Video Game On Playstation 4

NEW YORK - Major League Soccer announced today that it would be re-releasing the video game MLS Extratime on Playstation 4 during 2019 PAX East.


Originally released as ESPN MLS ExtraTime in 2002 by Konami on GameCube and PlayStation 2, the venerable classic will be relaunched as a podcast simulator and narrative driven story game on the PlayStation 4.

“With this game you will be able to offer opinions on games, talk about statistics and engage in banter with your co-hosts as a number of playable characters,” stated MLS video game producer Peter Molyneux. “We will offer Matt Doyle, Charlie Davies, Andrew Wiebe, Jason Saghini, and even Bobby Warshaw as playable characters that you can customize to your specifications. There will be unlockable characters like Susannah Collins, Sam Stejksal, and Greg Lalas. As well, there will be a real life aspect as you will be expected to equip your characters with a variety of statistical categories that you can improve upon or decrease depending upon your success during the game.”

Molyneux indicated that if you want to roll a Dark Elf Paladin Andrew Wiebe that you will be on a quest to raise the golden microphone from an amateur podcast to the top levels of an official Youtube stream.

“We will incorporate many elements you haven’t seen in a real life podcast game before,” stated Molyneux to Podcast Gaming Monthly. “Oh yes, my friends, you will be able to take an in-game wife, raise in-game children and be expected to attend 36 podcast tapings while juggling time to watch game film which will increase your overall perception while also filling your pee meter.”

The Pee Meter is just one of the many new ideas in gameplay that Molyneux pitched to MLS.

“We are including a banter zone button that locks you into a V.A.T.S style engagement with your co-hosts which will allow you to defeat them one on one. As well, you will grow into the roll you define for yourself with success and failure. If you decide to be provocative, being more provocative will fill your character with satisfaction and will allow you to unlock smug as a characteristic while being less provocative will send your character into an existential crisis.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this when MLS ExtraTime becomes free on PS+ next month.