New Red Bull Blog Analyzes The Tactics, Personnel, And Moves That Made The 2019 Home Opener Not Sell Out

NEW YORK - A new Red Bull New York fan blog started this week with the proclamation that Red Bull Crowd Report will analyze the tactics, personnel and moves that made the 2019 home opener not sell out.


With the stated ethos of, “relentlessly over-analyzing things that have been discussed over and over and over again that fans can’t fix anyway,” Red Bull Crowd Report started with an open letter to the front office in Austria dictating the issues that Red Bull Crowd Report felt it wasn’t addressing.

Starting with an opening line of, “AS A NEW SEASON TICKET HOLDER I FEEL THAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING MORE,” the letter/blog post veered off into a rant about a number of different and entirely unconnected issues that eventually culminated with a 10 page detailed example of what it might take to get from Staten Island to work to home to take the dog for a walk and then dinner and then out to Red Bull Arena on a Wednesday evening in June if all the trains are completely broken, delayed or filled with Nepalese pan pipe and drum groups dispassionately stating, "Ladies and gentleman, thank you immensely. We hope you're having a good day and are in good spirits,“ after the doors close and you can’t get out.

“I felt like it was truly time to analyze all the reasons why this game didn’t sell out,” stated editor in chief, reporter, fact checker and ombudsman Damien Howard to The Nutmeg News. “We need to talk about crowd sizes, crowd control, and fan based initiatives that will cause the stadium to sell out.”

Howard stated that he truly believes that one of the reasons for the lack of sellouts at Red Bull Arena is the fault of the loyal fans who go every week as he castigated the entire community for not getting more people on board with the team.

“This is really a fault of all of us, and not just one person in general,” stated Howard on blog post #2 titled WHAT CAN WE DO TO FIX THIS SITUATION.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Howard receives a ban from Metrofanatic for frequently posting links to his blog posts in an effort to get actual readers.