Las Vegas Lights Fan Certain Of Undefeated Season After Successful Pre-Season Game

Las Vegas, NV - Lights’ fan Carlos Hernandez stated unequivocally that the Las Vegas Lights were, “GOING UNDEFEATED, YO!” after their makeshift lineup thrashed Major League Soccer’s Toronto FC’s makeshift lineup in the 2019 pre-season.


“THIS SEASON IS BIG TIME, WE ARE GOING TO THE SHIP,” ranted Hernandez to his Facebook page as he spammed his timeline with the highlights package of the Lights’ 5-1 win over the MLS side. “CHECK OUT THIS ACTION. WE ARE NEVER GONNA LOSE.”

Hernandez took his unlimited optimism to Twitter where he religiously re-tweeted and argued head coach Eric Wynalda’s braggadocio as he persisted in his unrestrained optimism for the 2019 season.

“#Legends #Undefeated #GoingToTheShip #TurnOnTheLights #VivaLights,” stated the hashtags used by Mr. Hernandez

The Nutmeg News spoke to good friend Felipe Dominguez who stated, “Yeah, Carlos always wears his heart on his sleeve, but he’s a good guy,” before launching into a vigorous defense of the tweets of Mr. Hernandez by calling a TFC fan a, “fake ass supporter of a fake ass team who just got whooped by the future champions,.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the USL Championship unfolds.