Random Draft Pick In NWSL Draft To Be Appointed Commissioner

CHICAGO - The National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) announced today that a random draft pick would be appointed commissioner after acknowledging that it’s been nearly two years since Jeff Plush stepped down from the position.


“We haven’t decided who it will be yet, but we are talking about just making it the last player in the draft,” stated Amanda Duffy, the NWSL Managing Director. “Maybe we will do a rotating thing where players get to be commissioner for a day, or maybe it’ ll just be ceremonial, or maybe we will do it as an intern type job where they learn about being a commissioner in the real world but we don’t have to pay them. Either way, we will figure it out.”

With the news filtering down to the collected athletes ready to give their professional careers over to a league that can’t get out of its own way enough to do the simple things well, many future players were excited.

“Finally a chance to put things right,” stated North Carolina player Suzette Newcombe. “I’m going to ensure that I take the bull by the horns and really drive home some policy changes that will help the players,” stated the player to our reporter before she was told that she definitely would not be getting the position now.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the NWSL considers expanding the pool to MLS draft picks.