Architecture Team Asked To Change Stadium Renderings For New USL Side To Reflect Mostly Empty Stadium

Meridian, MS - The owners of prospective United Soccer League side Atletico Meridian reportedly asked Stanley, Williams and Deloitte, the architecture team responsible for their stadium renderings, to scale back the renderings to accurately reflect a mostly empty stadium.




"After interacting with the local community, it became apparent that we may have overestimated the interest in a team here," stated club president Jefferson Lauderdale. "We asked our architecture team to scale back the crowd numbers in the stadium proposal to reflect what we think the atmosphere will really be like."

According to insiders who had a look at the new renderings, the stadium crowd scenes were modified from a 10,000 person capacity filled stadium with flags, smoke, T.I.F.O, and concession stands to a two sided High School Football grandstand and roughly 500 disinterested people attempting to surf on their phones while keeping their children from running onto the pitch.

"It's probably the most truthful thing I've ever done," stated designer Peter Williams. "If you look closely you can even see a man drinking way too much under a VIP tent and ignoring his wife while she attempts to see if she can book another session with her personal trainer Rocco. We went deep on this one."

Fans of the team say that they are excited for the new rendering regardless of the changes.

"We know that soccer CAN and WILL succeed here," stated the president of the Atletico Meridian supporters group, club president and owner of the team Jefferson Lauderdale. "Meridian just needs a chance for professional soccer."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Atletico Meridian postpone their start date to 2020.