Supporters Group Member Silently Tweets That People Need To Get Loud

Denver, CO - Rapids fan and supporters group member David Bentley was reportedly incensed at the lack of atmosphere during the recent victory against Toronto FC and silently took his frustration to Twitter, during the game, to complain about the lack of fans singing and paying attention to the game.


According to friends, the Centennial 38 member muttered under his breath about the lack of engagement as he utilized Twitter during the game to put everyone on blast for not singing.

"This place is going to be a library if you don't contribute," ranted Bentley to his twitter account @NugsPidsAvsBroncsRocks49  as he silently complained about the lack of effort in the stands. "We need everyone contributing and pushing their voices to the max," tweeted Bentley as he missed 10 minutes of game time composing the tweet and attempting to get it to send with the overworked data service in the area.

Friends say that Bentley is very passionate about encouraging expression in the grounds even as he stands stock still in the stands muttering disapproving statements under his breath.

"David is a big proponent of giving it your all, except for himself," stated good friend Benjamin Lauderdale."He typically stands there remaining relatively silent with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face, but that doesn't mean that other people should do the same."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Bentley writes a multi-part tweet on people coasting in the supporters section.