Experienced Fan Around Major League Soccer Long Enough To Hope TFC Loses

WASHINGTON - Experienced soccer fan Andrea Guzman stated that she's been around Major League Soccer long enough to hope that Toronto FC lose their upcoming CONCACAF Champions League final as she stated, "If it's not D.C. United I hope they all fucking lose."

"Remember when D.C. United was the vanguard of supporters groups and on field prowess?"

"Remember when D.C. United was the vanguard of supporters groups and on field prowess?"

We spoke with Ms. Guzman who indicated that her disdain comes from being a fan of a team in the league for some length of time.

"I've followed United since I was 12 years old back in 96. It's been over 22 years of following the boys, and I've come to realize that I don't really give a rat's ass about whether the league does something or not. In my world, if D.C. United isn't the one about the win the trophy then they can all just lose."

Friends of Ms. Guzman state that she only watches D.C. United games and doesn't even care to turn on other nationally broadcast games when they don't have her team playing.

"I don't care about whether the league makes it. It already has me as a fan of my own team and to be very honest my team is actively working to try to prevent me from being that. So pardon me if I just don't care whether the league gets another 3000 pages of content from a TFC win. If my team isn't going to be the first team to win this championship, why would I hope some other team does it?"

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Ms. Guzman avoids watching any of the CCL games by simply having a normal cable package.