Thrilled Daniel Steres Celebrates Easter By Hugging God

LOS ANGELES - LA Galaxy defender Daniel Steres admitted that he was trilled to celebrate Easter by hugging Zlatan Ibrahimovic.


"I had an up and down game, but I really enjoyed getting that hug," stated Steres to The Nutmeg News after the 4-3 Galaxy win over LAFC. 

"I'm not certain there was ever a period in my life where I believed I was going to hug god, but here we are."

Family stated that a young Steres never stated anything, when he was younger, about hugging Ibrahimovic.

"Daniel was a confident player but I'm not certain that he ever saw himself arm in arm with the almighty..... but here we are," stated good friend Brad Emmert.

We spoke to Zlatan about the hug and he had the following to say, "Of course one should be interested in a hug from me. Zlatan's hugs are life."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this Zlatan fails to remember who any of his teammates are after the game.