Family Formation Shifted For More Offense On Gameday

Ogden, UT - Fighting a decreasing amount of free time on the weekend, the Robertson family shifted their formation from a 3-2-1 to a more proactive 2-3-2 in order to maximize the amount of time they have around Real Salt Lake games on the weekend.


"We are making plans for the weekend, now that it is starting to get nice outside again, and I keep running into the RSL game getting in the way," stated James Robertson. "We started off with an empty bucket formation early in our team formation, transitioned into some zonal marking, moved from that into some man marking, but then Eli was born and we realized that we were going to have to play strictly counter-attacking, low-block, zone defense for some time."

 Friends and family say that the expanding Robertson clan maintained and even expanded their season tickets as the family grew from two members to five members to now 7 members, over the years.

"It's been challenging and we retreated to a more pragmatic approach dealing with our offensive and defensive makeup," stated Stephanie Robertson. "However, we tried to encourage quality on the chores and a pressing system for home work like Sporting Kansas City. When we hit 2018, we knew that we had to transition to Mike Petke's system of playing the kids so we decided to give them more chores."

Sources from within the family claim that father James Robertson decided to reform the formation when the family took in his elderly parents after realizing they had room in their Ogden on-property ADU.

"Well, the weekend of the 30th we need to run to Wallgreens for Grandpa, after which we load up the trailer, watch the first half, SPRINT down to the dump with the truck and shovel it all off and make it back for the last half of the second half and.... wait.. Amanda... you take the dump run and take your Grandma so you can drive on your learners permit. Eli, you will be attacking the gutters on the front of the house, watch the first half, take out recycling and garbage, watch second half, then clean gutters on back part of house. We will have a strength and condition coach here next week to help us work on endurance. And don't get wedded to our 2-3-2 formation with Grandma up top running the truck as a forward press to Deseret as we may be transitioning to a 3-1-1-2 formation. 3 kids hauling leaves, one adult there to support in case they fall apart, and then one adult up top actually doing chores and two grandparents watching television in the living room until they fall asleep."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as a player rebellion threatens team unity later in the season.