Only Two More Weeks Until Procrastinating Fan Finally Starts Working On T.I.F.O. Idea

TORONTO - Only two more weeks remain until procrastinating soccer fan Susanne Fellows works on a T.I.F.O idea at the last minute for her beloved defending MLS Cup champions, Toronto FC.

"I've got the genesis of an idea that is percolating around in my brain, but I plan on not working on it until the 24 hours before first kick on March 3rd," stated Fellows to The Nutmeg News.

Fellows has long stated, "You can't rush the process," which is just code for inability to commit to something until the deadline is breathing down her neck.

"I just need some further inspiration," stated Fellows on her Instagram group chat as she continued to put off the tracing and painting of the much discussed two-pole/two-stick. 

According to friends, Fellows plans on attacking the T.I.F.O like she attacked her term papers in college. That is, with much caffeine, cigarettes, panic and a late night listening of Meat Is Murder by The Smiths.

"It's going to work out just fine," lied Fellows to herself as he prepared again to work under the gun before first kick.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Fellows attempts to make a last minute change only to realize that the original design she finished in January was far superior.