"Carlos Cordeiro Has Been In Charge 30 Minutes And Hasn't Implemented My Demands That I Wrote Down In Blood And Mailed To The USSF Two Months Ago"

Richmond, VA - Soccer fan Paul Williams stated that he was frustrated with the new US Soccer Federation President elected roughly 30 minutes ago as he stated, "Carlos Cordeiro has been in charge 30 Minutes and hasn't implemented my demands I wrote down in blood and mailed to the USSF two months ago."

"Ok, this isn't going to work, how do I make MORE of a statement!"

"Ok, this isn't going to work, how do I make MORE of a statement!"

According to Williams he reached out to US Soccer via an irate letter posted from his hometown of Richmond where he scrawled in blood all the important changes he thought was necessary and detailed the high level conspiracy between SUM, US Soccer and the Mexican federation to keep the US Docile and unable to compete for the World Cup.

"He's had 30 minutes and I haven't seen ANY of the sweeping changes I demanded," ranted Williams to his Facebook page. "I didn't expect much, but I did expect him to immediately demand an end to pay to play and a path forward for the deportation of Mexican-American dual nationals that don't want to play for the United States, the greatest country in the world."

Sources with US Soccer indicate that they did receive the rambling statement, however the letter was immediately thrown in the waste bin for obvious reasons.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Williams arguments are taken to Twitter for the next 10 years.