Supporter In Local Grocery Store Narrowly Avoids Talking To Stranger He Recognizes From Game

Bloomington, MN - Minnesota United supporter Gunnar Svenson stated that, as he shopped at the Cub Foods on Lyndale Ave, he narrowly avoided talking to a stranger that he recognized from recent Minnesota United games.

“It was a bit of a dodge and weave,” stated Svenson to The Nutmeg News. “I saw him in the aisle buying pop and I was going to buy some myself so I quickly wheeled the shopping cart around and headed for quite literally anywhere else. This is essentially how I ended up bringing home 3 tubes of cinnamon rolls, bacon and fluid for my oil lamp.”

Svenson stated that he didn’t want to try to make small talk with someone with whom he has only exchanged glances.

“Oh sure, small talk, yeah, no… hell no. Look, we shared a high five once and we do that nod thing… right? So there’s no way I’m getting past him in an aisle. All we know about each other is that we attend the same sport and typically stand in the supporters section. Where do you even start? I’m not about to bring up the game, and if I don’t its just going to be the both of us staring at our feet trying to figure out when we can get out of a conversation.”

Friends state that Svenson typically doesn’t have a problem making friends, but that his introvert tendencies have problems when two of his interests collide.

“Oh sure, you bet… I like to keep it separate. I have my soccer life, my soccer friends and then I have that time where I’m buying anti-diarrhea medicine and clif bars. I’d rather not combine the two.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Svenson attempts to avoid eye contact with a woman he knows from games while riding the bus.