Rec League Roundup: Referee For Tonight's Game Has A Date In 90 Minutes

Landisville, PA - Referee Peter Smith reportedly told both Stefano’s Hot Links FC and Chipotle United that, “I have a date tonight so lets get this game going,” as he planned on ending the Rec League game by 8:15 pm regardless of what is happening on the field.


“I’ve got a date and we are going to the Olive Garden by the Park City Center so there’s no way I’m making it on time unless this game is over by 8:15,” stated Referee Smith. “If you want to play a full 90 tonight, you better get moving.”

Smith reportedly called over both team Captains to voice his displeasure at the last game when he had to leave in order to make it to his Chemistry class at Stevens College in Lancaster and was yelled at for awarding zero stoppage time minutes after an inadvertent slide tackle set off a 3 minutes pushing session during the second half.

“I don’t care if you guys bash against each other and fight for 90 minutes, we are getting out of here on time,” stated Smith. “I don’t care if the players are taken off on stretchers at this point. Consider this your only warning. This shit is thunderdome tonight. There will be no stoppage. There will be no cards. There will be an end to the game at 8:15 and then I’m going face down in some Chicken Parm and bottomless breadsticks.”

Despite being reported to the Penn Men’s Over-30 Adult Soccer League, Smith continues to referee as supposedly the management of the league just really doesn’t give a shit.

“Ok, so let’s have a clean game and get this thing moving,” stated Smith to both sides as he whistled for play to start with Chipotle United only fielding 6 players due to traffic.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Smith ends up as the referee for the playoff game between Stefano’s and Chipotle after they both file a complaint against him.