Man Wearing Front Office Gear Betrays Scene

San Jose, CA - Reports from Jody Steinwick's New Year's party indicate that soccer fanatic Paul Sanders totally betrayed the whole fucking scene by wearing front office gear to the late night bash.


"Paul is a fucking sellout," raged capo Ben Ross. "He wears supporters gear for the rest of the year, but then shows up with an Earthquakes t-shirt? What a fucking poser."

We spoke with scene legend and resident Earthquakes crank Cameron Anderson who stated that he, "Always knew that Paul was a fucking noob. A FUCKING SELLOUT NOOB," as he smashed his fist down dramatically to illustrate his point.

Sanders, reportedly, was running late to the party and needed something to wear grabbing the only clean t-shirt out of his drawer without realizing his mistake. The knowledge of this being the case did nothing to sway the opinions of the guardians of the soccer scene who realized quickly that his disastrous t-shirt grab only exacerbated the feelings they already had about Mr. Sanders.

"If he was a real soccer ultra he would have showed up to the party without a shirt after realizing his mistake," stated a fan who didn't wish to be identified. "True ultras don't need anything to show their passion."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Sanders overcompensates in 2018 in order to fix his street cred.