NYCFC Fan Can't Find Subway Stop In East Hartford

NEW YORK - Despite his best efforts, New York City FC fan Derryk Hughes couldn't find a subway stop in East Hartford, Connecticut as NYCFC announced a rescheduled home game that would take place at this location.

Look! They DO have a train service of some kind.

Look! They DO have a train service of some kind.

"It's almost like it isn't in New York City, anymore," stated a confused Hughes who swore up and down that he would only support a soccer team in New York.

According to sources, Hughes spent the last 30 minutes attempting to find information on whether the PATH train that services New York and New Jersey also connects out to Connecticut before giving up stating, "I didn't follow a club, in this city, run by billionaires so I could learn how to get outside the city to go to a home game. This is some bullshit!"

The game between NYCFC and Houston Dynamo was re-scheduled as the primary tenants of Yankee Stadium (The New York Yankees), had a makeup game scheduled on the same date. As NYCFC are merely just renting out the facility they were forced to move, temporarily, to Pratt & Whitney Stadium in Connecticut.

"I wouldn't go out to New Jersey for soccer and I'm sure as hell not going out to Connecticut," stated an adamant Hughes as he contemplated purchasing tickets for the game as NYCFC invalidated his season tickets for the match requiring NYCFC fans to request a refund for the game and then re-purchase any seats they have in an utterly bizarre bunch of bullshit that surprised even the cynical assholes that run this rag.

"I can't believe that my season tickets won't get me into this game by default! Screw this."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this dumpster fire of an idea as it happens.