Study Confirms That Thirteen American Flag Emojis Is The Right Number To Show A Proper Level Of Patriotic Branding

An in depth study performed by the RAND corporation showed that thirteen American Flag emojis was the appropriate number to show a proper level of patriotic branding as it relates to the Gold Cup final as teams across all levels of sport in the United States rushed to show the proper level of obsequious flag waving.

Two different approaches, but clearly the Galaxy are more patriotic than the Rapids. Almost TOO patriotic.

Two different approaches, but clearly the Galaxy are more patriotic than the Rapids. Almost TOO patriotic.

"We engaged a number of users from rural areas to tell us how much flag emoji is enough flag emoji to convey a proper amount of respect," stated social media expert and parakeet enthusiast Barret Hindhuser to our Nutmeg News reporter.

"What they indicated is that there is almost no amount too much to convey how much you love the United States, but there is absolutely too little. Using no flag emojis is a clear sign that you hate the United States. Using only one indicates you are afraid to stand up for freedom. Using more than one is really just a starting point, for some. And there were variations in appropriate usage based on the location of the people with whom we spoke. Users from Laramie, Wyoming indicated there weren't enough American flag emojis to make them forget this is just a bunch of commie ball liberals in big cities. However, most of our users respectfully overlooked that we are talking about soccer due to the national team trying to beat down some country they recently decided to dislike for whatever random reason they could cook up at the last second.

Hindhuser indicated that many social media professionals really went crazy on the American flag emojis with the knowledge that more patriotic emoji usage really would spur re-tweets of their patriot MURICA tweets, a desire that burns within every social media manager like an uncontrolled fire or gonorrhea.

"We know that excessive flag emoji use corresponds with re-tweets, but that overuse can saturate the market, as well. Therefore we advise against continual usage, but suggest frequent usage. In this way you don't overwhelm, but just casually remind everyone that your team account is definitely pro-USA flag emojis."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as financial managers recommend a hard buy on flag emojis prior to the upcoming World Cup.