Mike Petke Press Conference To Be Released On Vinyl

Salt Lake City, UT - The, now, legendary Mike Petke press conference after Real Salt Lake played Sporting Kansas City will be released on Vinyl, for the Real Salt Lake audiophile interested in it.


The legendary press conference where the Real Salt Lake coach explained why he was thrown out of the home game against Sporting Kansas City has been remastered by legendary jazz company Blue Note.

"We took great care at ensuring that you really could feel the desperation during the free form piece, 'Trey, hand em out,' which stands as a monumental critique on the relationship between man, man, and printer," stated Blue Note curator Ambroise Stephens. "The content has been completely cleaned up, the tracks remastered and they are now available in the original stereo recording that we sourced from the various reporters on site. You can really feel the angst, the passion, the power that comes from the masters of oratory prose."

The record will be available in both a classic purchase and a collectors edition that comes bundled with a white button up shirt autographed by Petke and a print out of headlocks against his players that he finds egregious.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as audiophiles in the Salt Lake area line up for hours to obtain a first pressing.