Soccer Fan Refuses To Let Lack Of Knowledge On Women's Game Keep Him From Offering Opinion

CHICAGO - Soccer fan Jerry Reinsdorf stated that he refused to let his lack of knowledge on the women's game in the United States keep him from offering his unqualified opinions online as he verbosely spewed nonsense out of his social media accounts about a variety of subjects.

Learning things gets in the way of yelling things and yelling things gets followers on twitter.

Learning things gets in the way of yelling things and yelling things gets followers on twitter.

"MIA HAMM couldn't keep up with Cristiano Ronaldo's lawyer and the NWSL is going to fail," stated Reinsdorf from his twitter account @KnowLEDGEKnowTRUTH. "The top 10 women are taking publicity away from Men's Lacrosse. What women lack in strength and skill, they doubly lack in spirit and fierceness. If you mixed the intense 'professional' soccer they play with the skirts they have in Lacrosse, you'd have ratings topping NASCAR."

Reinsdorf started off the day by insulting women journalists online for their gender before moving on to insulting female soccer players before settling out his day by insulting women nerds, scientists and science fiction buffs.

"It's my goal in life to ensure that I reject all items of Feminine influence in sports just like they rejected me in college. At least this way, it makes me feel like I'm getting some level of revenge by exalting my opinion so much that I feel like a genius savant who can cover all the vagaries of an entirely different league than the one I hate-follow in the first place," stated Reinsdorf to The Nutmeg News.

Mr. Reinsdorf was then educated, on Twitter, about the league structure of the NWSL and the players within before retreating from this twitter fight while claiming that the facts were fake news and that the knowledgeable reporters were biased league stooges.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Reinsdorf's comment of "You look pretty when you sweat" on the Chicago Red Stars Instagram account is widely condemned by men and women alike.