Schweinsteiger Refusal To Commit To The Chicago Fire Winning The World Cup Shows Distinct Lack Of Desire

CHICAGO - As #BastianWatch nears its inevitable nadir, most experts agree that the refusal of Bastian Schweinsteiger to commit to the Chicago Fire winning the World Cup shows his distinct lack of desire that likely lead to his commitment to this league in the first place.

"I'm an expert, and I agree."

"I'm an expert, and I agree."

"I'd say that this shows exactly why he is in Major League Soccer," stated director of Footballing for his sons U-8 rec league team and advocate for Promotion/Relegation in Major League Soccer James Whitworth. 

"This is some idiocy," stated Issac Burdow, reporter for the Chicago Sun Tribune and man who just finished the first chapter of Inverting the Pyramid. "If Schweinsteiger won't commit to the Fire winning the World Cup, then why is he here? For the paycheck? Get out."

Meanwhile, owner Andrew Hauptman insisted that the Fire were ready to compete with Mexico and Paraguay during the qualification stages stating that the Fire were just one DP away from being able to, "effectively challenge against teams on an international level if our fans don't get in our way."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this retirement league when they decide to commit to a 10 year plan towards winning the World Cup.