"It's Too Early To Be Overly Critical," States Overly Positive Fan

San Jose, CA - Earthquakes fan Hannah Rutherford firmly stated that, "It's too early to be overly critical," as she proceeded to speak in an overly positive fashion about how the Quakes played against the LA Galaxy in their 1-0 pre-season win that she didn't actually watch.

"See? SEEE???? We are already winning trophies!"

"See? SEEE???? We are already winning trophies!"

"Real fans aren't going to nitpick the pre-season for negativity," stated Rutherford to The Nutmeg News on Monday. "Real fans are only going to utilize the pre-season for reinforcing their relentless optimism and buoying their own opinions about how the season is going to go really well! I only use the pre-season to see all the good things that happen and confirm my best opinions that we have the best players. In this fashion, I'll be really disappointed when the season starts and I spend most of my time wondering why all the first team players that were showing well against the reserves of our opponents aren't, now, playing to their potential against starting 11 squads across the league."

Reportedly, Rutherford stated that there is no bigger test than, "The GREATEST rivalry in MLS that never fails to disappoint," and that this intense cauldron of pre-season atmosphere would, "forge the Earthquakes players into a firebrand of league domination."

Rutherford stated all this despite not actually watching the LA Galaxy v Earthquakes game. The inability to watch the clash didn't dampen her enthusiasm for the upcoming season as she stated, "Our players are already winning trophies and you haven't even started playing! What a season!"

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Rutherford continues her relentless and unchecked optimism even in the face of other fans more level headed analysis.